"It is important for us that every MOEBE design starts here, with us. From sketchpad to final prototype, the DNA of MOEBE is present throughout the whole design process. We are proud to have built a team that shares these values."

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Moebe Wall Shelving WS.85.2, Eiche/Schwarz-Moebe-WS.85.2.OA.BL-MOE-662224535-inwohnMoebe Wall Shelving WS.85.2, Eiche/Schwarz
Moebe Wall Shelving WS.85.2, Eiche/Schwarz
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Moebe Wall Shelving WS.85.1, Eiche/Schwarz-Moebe-WS.85.1.OA.BL-MOE-662238529-inwohnMoebe Wall Shelving WS.85.1, Eiche/Schwarz
Moebe Wall Shelving WS.85.1, Eiche/Schwarz
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Moebe Wall Shelving WS.65.1, Eiche/Schwarz-Moebe-WS.65.1.OA.BL-MOE-662293094-inwohnMoebe Wall Shelving WS.65.1, Eiche/Schwarz
Moebe Wall Shelving WS.65.1, Eiche/Schwarz
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Moebe Shelving System S.255.3.A, Eiche/Schwarz-Moebe-S.255.3.A.OA.BL-MOE-662292938-inwohnMoebe Shelving System S.255.3.A, Eiche/Schwarz
Moebe Shelving System S.255.3.A, Eiche/Schwarz
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Moebe Shelving System S.200.2.G, Eiche/Schwarz-Moebe-S.200.2.G.OA.BL-MOE-662240759-inwohnMoebe Shelving System S.200.2.G, Eiche/Schwarz
Moebe Shelving System S.200.2.G, Eiche/Schwarz
Sonderpreis1.761,99 € Normalpreis1.990,00 €
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Moebe Shelving System S.200.2.C, Eiche/Schwarz-Moebe-S.200.2.C.OA.BL-MOE-662240773-inwohnMoebe Shelving System S.200.2.C, Eiche/Schwarz
Moebe Shelving System S.200.2.C, Eiche/Schwarz
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Moebe Shelving System S.200.2.B, Eiche/Schwarz-Moebe-S.200.2.B.OA.BL-MOE-662292701-inwohnMoebe Shelving System S.200.2.B, Eiche/Schwarz
Moebe Shelving System S.200.2.B, Eiche/Schwarz
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Moebe Shelving System S.200.2.A, Eiche/Schwarz-Moebe-S.200.2.A.OA.BL-MOE-662240664-inwohnMoebe Shelving System S.200.2.A, Eiche/Schwarz
Moebe Shelving System S.200.2.A, Eiche/Schwarz
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Moebe Shelving System S.200.1.A, Eiche/Schwarz-Moebe-S.200.1.A.OA.BL-MOE-662292720-inwohnMoebe Shelving System S.200.1.A, Eiche/Schwarz
Moebe Shelving System S.200.1.A, Eiche/Schwarz
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Moebe Shelving System S.115.2.A, Eiche/Schwarz-Moebe-S.115.2.A.OA.BL-MOE-662292671-inwohnMoebe Shelving System S.115.2.A, Eiche/Schwarz
Moebe Shelving System S.115.2.A, Eiche/Schwarz
Sonderpreis1.092,99 € Normalpreis1.240,00 €