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ON Lamp LED - Weißer Fuchs (SCHIRM)
  • ON Lamp LED - Weißer Fuchs (SCHIRM)
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ON lamp is a DIY lampshade designed to use a creative structural packaging; the lampshade with a built-in magnet plate over the LED base station with a built-in iron plate. It’s a new concept of a standing-type lamp for homes with which consumers may change to their liking. Using DC 5V by connecting with USB, it has an excellent energy consumption ratio as well. Its lampshade is made of recyclable material. It’s an environment friendly LED lamp. This series of lampshade tells us stories of the endangered environment, helping us realize its importance and be sensitive to the environment.

The emperor penguins is as strong as its name suggests. They live on ice without any roof on their heads in the Antarctic region, the coldest place on earth, Unlike an adult, lacking fat and hair to resist the cold temperature, a penguin chick dies shortly after being exposed to the cold. So they stay in the mom’s bosom most of the day. What’s more severe for them than the cold weather of the Antarctic is the warming climate. As the water temperature rises due to global warming, the number of krill that they feed on decreases. Scientists, based on their recent 9-year study, estimate that 9% of the emperor penguin will disappear from earth if the water temperature increases by 0.26°C. Measures are urgently needed.